Web Browser Downloading Images Very Slowly

by on April 18, 2008

Q: The images on web pages are loading very slow. At bottom of the Microsoft IE web browser screen is says “Downloading Images” but it seems to take forever.

A: Many times the slowness can be because of the setup of the servers running the website you are trying to access but it sounds as though this is happening on multiple websites which would tend to point towards your own computer. It could depend on what type of connection you have. If you are using dial up then the websites are going to take considerably more time than a cable or DSL connection. Also if you tend to be trying to access these during peak usage times that can also cause slowness. I would try the following to resolve the problem:

1. Delete the temporary internet files.

2. Delete your cookies.

3. Run a spyware program, such as Spybot or AdAware.

4. Run an anti-virus software, such as AVG.

5. Run a anti-hijack software, such as HiJackThis.

Hopefully following one or more of these suggestions will help you.