Delete a Windows Partition from a Mac

by on September 9, 2008

Q: I am wondering how I can reformat my Windows XP partition on a dual system iMac without loosing the Mac side.

A: Apple has made it extremely easy to delete Windows partitions from your iMac’s hard drive in Mac OS X Leopard.

Open a new Finder window and go Applications => Utilities => Boot Camp Assistant. This will start an interactive wizard. In the wizard, choose the option called Create or remove a Windows partition. Follow the resulting instructions to delete the Windows partition from your iMac, and then restart your computer.


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    I followed what it said Open new finder/utilities/boot camp assistant/ Then it said your “boot camp assistant beat has expired” and i had to quit, what do i do now, i still want to uninstall my windows partition


    Hi TerryL,

    The instructions at should allow you to solve your problem. Please let me know how this solution works for you. Until then…


    THank you thank you i will


    IT WORKED, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Robert So much, One extra present for my 15th birthday should do From you!!


    I was having the same problem as Terry. It was all going well until i put my Windows Xp disc in and then when i got to windows i had all my information from before still there like continuing a nightmare from the night before. Is there anyway i can just blow it all up and install it all again, and start from scratch?
    Please help ASAP, thank you. 😉


    Hi T.Eddie,

    The solution to your problem is located at the webpage. Backup all your important data before wiping your computer’s hard drive and/or reinstalling Mac OS X.

    Does this help?


    Fail Proof method Mac Forgot to tell us!
    Go to Disk Utility – click partition at top of list on right hand side > select Partition TAB > Find xp partition at very bottom of big rectangle box (scroll down as it is not yet visible, only mac is.) select and press the minus button underneath. and the rest is obvious with the prompts. Mac made adding and deleting partitions damn simple but are lousy telling newbies and people who cant type how to do it.