Battery Does Not Work After Dropping Laptop

by on September 24, 2008

Q: I have a Compaq Presario 2236CL laptop. My friend dropped it and now it will no longer run from the battery. It will not boot up unless plugged in and will turn off IMMEDIATELY when unplugged. Do you think this is more likely a dead battery or something internal in the laptop?

A: Since your laptop was able to run via battery power prior to the accident, the battery may simply have been knocked out of alignment by impact. Use the following procedure to realign the battery with the connector inside your laptop:

  1. Begin by unplugging your laptop from external power.
  2. Remove the battery from your laptop. If you are unsure of how to remove the battery from your laptop, read Section 5.3 of your laptop’s Maintenance and Service Guide (click here).
  3. Discharge residual power from your laptop’s circuits by holding down your laptop’s power button for approximately 30 seconds.
  4. Reinsert the battery into your laptop. You should hear a clicking sound as the battery locks into place.
  5. Plug your laptop into external power, and leave it plugged in for several hours so that the battery can recharge.
  6. Unplug your computer from external power again and then attempt to start your laptop via battery power.

If realigning the battery does not work, it is likely that either your laptop and/or the battery sustained damage during the accident. If it has not already expired, the warranty that came from HP (owner of Compaq) with your laptop almost certainly does not cover damage caused by dropping. But you may have chosen additional coverage when you purchased your laptop. For more details, contact the retailer where you purchased your laptop.

TIP: You can see the status of your laptop’s battery in Windows XP by going Start Menu => Control Panel => Performance and Maintenance => Power Options => Power Meter. Other versions of Microsoft Windows use slightly different procedures to show battery levels.