Which Dell Computer Should I buy?

by on October 13, 2008

Q: Can you tell me what the difference between a Dell Dimension and a Dell Inspiron computer is? Also, what do you think about the below offer: Inspiron 530 with Intel Dual Core processor at 2.2 GHz (1 MB cache), an 800 MT/s FSB, and free keyboard & mouse = $399.00.

A: Dell has discontinued its Dimension product line. Click here to visit Dell’s official website, and you will notice that Dell’s current computer families for Home & Home Office customers are Inspiron, Studio, and XPS. Inspiron desktops and Studio desktops are both built with everyday computing tasks in mind. Studio desktops look chic, but oftentimes their attractiveness is achieved at the cost of diminished performance and higher price. XPS desktops are perhaps the best choice for professionals who require powerful graphics and/or extra processing power and gamers who want to play the latest games.

While I personally am unimpressed by the Inspiron 530 that you mention, only you can decide whether or not it is the computer for you. My philosophy is that you should purchase the very best computer you can afford. As the old saying goes “You get what you pay for.” I encourage you to start by investigating how the specifications of that Inspiron 530 compare with the system requirements of your software & devices; the specs should exceed the system requirements.

Then remember that in the world of computer hardware, more is usually superior: 4 GB of RAM is better than 2 GB of RAM, 6 MB of processor cache is better than 3 MB of processor cache, an 800 MHz RAM speed is better than a 667 MHz RAM speed, a 1333 MT/s front side bus is better than a 1066 MT/s front side bus, a 7200 RPM hard drive is better than a 5400 RPM hard drive, etc.

TIP: Dell is one of the only major computer companies that will provide a Windows installation disc to a customer upon request. Windows installation discs are superior to system recovery utilities.