Should I replace my Dell desktop with a laptop?

by on November 4, 2008

Q: I am thinking of selling my Dell home desktop computer and buying a 15″ laptop just for mobility. I only use computer for e-mail, research, and shopping. Would this be a waste of money? I have a buyer for the old Dell desktop.

A: Compared to laptops in the same class, desktops are usually: less expensive, easier to upgrade, and less likely to fail. On the other hand, laptops are portable and therefore more convenient. To me, it’s all about productivity.

Would buying a laptop enable you to make better use of your time by getting to bed sooner, more time with the kids, etc.? If yes, is that extra time worth the extra financial cost? A laptop usually costs twice as much as a similarly equipped desktop.

Based on your description of yourself, I would advise you to continue using a desktop. I would also suggest reading Handheld Or Smart Phone With Internet Browsing Ability as it gives you options for reading your email while on the road that are more cost effective and easier to carry than a laptop since email is your biggest concern. If your current desktop is getting old and/or malfunctions often, replace it with a new desktop. Otherwise, keep your current desktop a while longer.

Tip: Remember to create backups of your important files on a regular basis, including: internet favorites, emails, contacts, documents, and multimedia files. CD-Rs are great for creating backups economically yet quickly.