How Do I Put An Interview In MP3 Format Onto My iPod?

by on November 10, 2008

Q: Could someone please tell me how to get an interview from a website onto my ipod nano?

I cannot get the interviews in mp3 format into itunes library, unless it is not showing up? I did download Tunestory, it was supposed to be able to convert mp3 to be readable on itunes library but it doesn’t seem to work.

Also, does it matter if it goes into podcast, audio book or music categories in itunes? My teenager was unable to help me with this problem. Thank you so very much for any help.

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    Tunestory is unnecessary for what you’re trying to accomplish, and iTunes is capable of playing nearly all MP3.

    Start by downloading these MP3-formatted interviews to your computer’s hard drive. Many websites allow you to download their interviews by right-clicking on an interview with your mouse and then choosing an option similar to “Save Target As”.

    For websites that make downloading more difficult, I recommend that you use a tool similar to Firefox’s DownloadHelper — homepage at:

    Download all of the interviews that you’d like to add to iTunes. Then open iTunes and add the interview by going either “File => Add File to Library” or “File => Add Folder to Library”. The interviews will be added to the “Music” section in your iTunes.

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    Thank you for your reply but it still is not working. The files appear to be zipped does that matter? Originally I had put them in a folder on my desktop and thought I should try your suggestion from scratch off the website with a new interview and put on my hard drive but no luck. I will check out ‘downloadhelper’ next. Thank you.


    Hi cg,

    iTunes cannot extract files from a zipped folder, but Windows can.

    In Windows, right-click one of the zips. You should then be able to choose an option called “Extract All”. Repeat this for all zips, then add the unzipped MP3s to iTunes per the instructions in my previous post.

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    PS: Please include a link to the interview website in you next reply.


    Thank you very much! Yes, files needed to be unzipped. I can now put into itunes library from a folder on desktop but was not able to unzip the file that was on the hard drive. That was ok, I just moved it to the desktop folder anyway. My thanks again! cg