How Many Computers Can You Install Norton On?

by on November 10, 2008

Q: I recently purchased a new laptop and I am wondering if I can transfer the norton 360 I just recently purchased for my desktop onto the laptop.

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    I went to the Norton site and visited their store. They have the Norton 360 product on

    On that page it says “1 Year Protection for up to 3 household PCs” so yes you can install it on your laptop as well as your desktop.


    thanks matt for the reply, i guess i should apologize for not giving all the facts. i knew that i could have norton on up to 3 computers but the problem is this, i only have dial up and my isp shuts down after 4 hours then you have to relog, i tried downloading the program from the site but it takes over 4 hours on my laptop. i was wondering if i could transfer norton 360 from my old desktop to my new laptop. sorry for not giving all the facts the first time.

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    You most certainly can copy the file from your desktop to your laptop. The easiest way is to burn it to a CD or DVD, this is a great way to do it because you will have it when you need it in the future.

    Other options would be, if you have a network setup, to share the file and grab it with the other computer.


    thanks again matt for the reply, i will try and copy the file to a dvd and transfer it over. ill let you know if it works. thanks again.


    matt i copied the file folder to a cd but have no idea how to install it onto my laptop. i inserted the cd and the file came up but anything i click on a warning comes up with an open with message. any input on this. thanks


    When you downloaded the file it should have been a .zip or .exe. You need to burn that file onto the DVD/CD and then put the DVD/CD in your laptop and then drag the file off the DVD/CD and put it on your laptop. From there you should be able to run it.

    You are saying you are clicking on the file and getting a warning when you try to run it from the CD. What is the warning you are getting if the above does not fix your problem.


    there are no files with exe but there are 4 that say application beside them. when i double click on mainstub or any of the applications there is a message pop up that says a problem caused the program to stop working correctly.


    From the sounds of it you are trying to copy over the actual application after it was already installed. That most likely will not work. You need the original file that you downloaded.

    At this point your best bet might actually be to go visit your local coffee shop or nearest location with free wifi access and download Norton 360 again from that location.

    This time when you do it make sure you keep the file that you download so you can burn it to a CD/DVD, this will make it so you always have it in case something happens in the future and you need it.


    thanks matt for all your help. i am proud to report that norton 360 is installed on my new laptop and is protecting it as we speak. that last message you wrote is what made me realize whatg i had done. i copied the wrong file i copied the program file and i happened to remember that when i origanally downloaded norton i changed the name of the app. file so i copied that and it automatically installed on my laptop. so thanks to you im protected and have a backup disk also. thank you very much.


    I am glad to hear that I was of help.

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