Why does my laptop running Windows Vista freeze when shutting down?

by on November 10, 2008

Q: Hello, recently my ACER laptop started having problems shutting down. I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium with an Nvidia GeForce 8600GT.

It first occurred after my laptop automatically shutdown because my power was running low. Since then when I go to shutdown it freezes of the “Logging Off Screen”.

I’ve recently installed Norton 360, 2 days prior to he problem arising.

I’d also like to note that FireFox was running when my Laptop shut itself down and now takes 5-10mins to load up. Windows explorer also wont load full stop. I’ve also noticed my internet connection icon in the bottom left of the desktop screen constantly has a red cross through it even though the internet is connected.

This, along with information in your forums led me to believe that is was the Nvidia Display Driver Problem. Therefore I tied disabling the driver following the guidelines at http://askthegeek.kennyhart.com/2005/11/my-computer-wont-shut-down.html

This unfortunately did not work. I decided next to uninstall Norton, but that also freezers at the end of the uninstall process.

I was able to uninstall FireFox but that has not helped either.

I’m really not sure what the problem could be and its now beginning to effect more then just my shutting down process, as my laptop is generally running slow and some programs just wont load or freeze up.

Thanks in advance will.

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    The problems that you’re experiencing were probably caused by the improper shutdown of your computer. Note that uninstalling your computer’s display driver will actually cause your computer to run slowly.

    Do a defrag and full error-check of all your computer’s hard drives. Restart, and finish uninstalling Norton 360. Restart again, and use ALL of the tools in a program called CCleaner to repair any remaining damage. Next, reinstall Norton 360, Firefox, and your display driver. Finally, do one more round of defrag, full error-check, and CCleaner. CCleaner can be downloaded from: http://www.ccleaner.com/

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