How can I access and edit a PDF file online?

by on November 11, 2008

Q: I am designing a monthly newsletter. I have two clients. I need them to be able to logon, access their pdf file and update. I have a domain set up and a hosting company. I have dreamweaver, indesign and photoshop. I’m beginning to get confused on just the overall steps needed to get this accomplished. I have 20+ years software but web design is new to me. Would like to be able to find someone to help me design and understand these steps. Any help would be appreciated. Especially just the overall steps.

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    I am not 100% certain what they are editing when you say editing a PDF. Do you mean they are editing the content and then you display it as a PDF so they can see what it looks like or do you mean they are actually editing graphics and what not?


    It is a healthcare newsletter specific to each client. About 50 percent will be the same for both clients and will be ‘display only’. The other will be specific but limited to text input (anniversaries, birthdays, site specific happenings, etc.). My thought was each month the client would ‘fill in’ the text specific information. No graphics, simply required text predefined.


    My bigger concern is the steps I need to get this all accomplished. I receive different answers depending on who I ask. This is what I think I need but not sure. A hosting company, a domain, a webite for my compnay. On this website I need the clients to be able to logon and at this point they would be able to view their newsletter (pdf file). They would put in their required information by a specific date. My company will proof, revise, etc and distribute newsletter in appropriate format. The area I am confused about is what needs to be done in order for the client to be able to logon to obtain their specific information. So, I am hoping someone can let me know if I am on the right path or just help me to figure out what steps I need to get done since the developers I have contacted all have different solutions. thanks…


    It sounds like you want a simple CMS but instead of for the normal use, ie web pages, you want it for newsletters.

    The user login would be handled by comparing the credentials given against the information in the database. If the username and password matches a row in the database then you would log the user in, pull the information from that row, and use that information to populate at least some of the information in the newsletter.

    I would assume you would have a table in the database for each newsletter and even each revision of the newsletter so you can see a change history.

    I hope this helps a little and if you have more questions please let us know.