Transfering a downloaded Norton 360 to other computers

by on November 12, 2008

Q: I recently purchased a new laptop and I am wondering if I can transfer the Norton 360 I just recently purchased for my desktop onto the laptop.

A: When you purchase Norton 360, or many of the other Norton products, you are allowed to install the product on up to 3 computers in the same house. So you are legally able to do this and you can find this specific information at the symantec store for the Norton 360 product.

The best thing you can do when you download any product off the internet is to burn it to a CD or DVD for safe keeping in case you need to install it again because you get a virus or your hard drive dies. Some companies allow you to download the product again for up to a year but doing that takes time and bandwidth so save yourself a lot of time and energy and just burn a CD/DVD when you buy an electronic program like this.

Make sure you put what you actually downloaded on the CD/DVD. Most of the time you will get an exe file or a zip file so you want to make sure you put that on the CD/DVD not what is generated from the file, which would probably directories and misc files.

So once you have your information all backed up correctly you can easily transfer Norton 360, or any other product, onto your other computers, assuming licensing allows that, or at least you have the ability to easily reinstall the software if something were to ever happen to your computer.

Other options for transfering the file from one computer to another would be sharing your hard drive on one computer with the other computer over a network but the downside to this is you have to store the product on one of your computers and that is not safe for the long term.

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