Removal of chips on the System board

by on November 17, 2008

Q: My Sister recently pulled out the little chip on the Sytem board with the passwords and I assume that would probably have destroyed the contents of the BIOS, right? If so how can I get my system to function properly again without spending money?

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    If your sister removed RAM from your computer’s motherboard, you can re-attach that. CD-ROMs, hard drives, and the like can be reconnected. Cards are designed to be taken in-and-out of your computer — graphics cards, ethernet cards, sounds cards, USB cards, etc. And your motherboard’s battery can also be taken in-and-out. Definitions for all of the above terms can be found online.

    If any other part of your motherboard was damaged, a computer hardware expert will need to conduct the repair. Be aware that such repairs are often expensive, and not always successful.

    I strongly recommend that you consider selling your damaged hardware on a site like eBay, in order to fund the purchase of a replacement computer. Many geeks love to purchase damaged hardware, repair it, and sell it for a profit.

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