Transfer speed of Firewire 800

by on November 17, 2008

Q: What transfer speeds can you expect to get when using Firewire 800 interface cards? For instance, a Firewire 800 to PCI isn’t going to get you 800MB per second, is it? Likewise, PCMCIA has speed limitations with cardbus. These device manufactures don’t bother to provide details on interface limitations.

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    Excellent question!

    If your computer does not have FireWire 800 built-in, you will achieve the fastest FireWire 800 speeds by using PCI Express if your computer is a desktop and ExpressCard with if your computer is a laptop.

    Remember, that the speed & power of the other hardware involved is also an important factor. For example, a FireWire 800 hard drive may operate slowly because of limitations in hard drive technology. Similarly, a computer with a slow front side bus will run slowly.

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