Can I send a email to all my contacts at once with AOL?

by on November 20, 2008

Q: I have an email address with AOL. I have a lot of contacts and I can not figure out how to send an email to all of them without clicking each contact one by one in the “To:” section. I can’t find anything that say “select all” or something like that. Maybe I am missing it. Can anyone please help??

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    You should be able to put all of your contacts into a “group” in your address book. This group will be saved, so that you don’t have to recreate it every time. Then, you’ll simply add the group that you created to the TO field of an email message, like you would an individual contact.

    The procedure for creating address book groups will vary, depending on which program you use to access your emails.

    Does this help?


    I forgot to mention that some of your contacts may wish for their contact information to be invisible to others.

    You can keep all contact information private by adding your own email address to the TO field, and using the BCC field for your group.


    Thanks, that did help. Although it was a longer route to take, being that all my contacts were categorized, I did find out how to select them all without clicking it one by one. Of course it was just something that I completely looked over. Thanks for the help!