Can you need help with my slow computer?

by on November 20, 2008

Q: I am running Windows XP. My computer suddenly became VERY slow to load programs and I am unable to play “simple” games off Shockwave. I downloaded latest versions of Shockwave player and DirectX (8, 9, and 10)but games still say they are unable to initiate DirectX. I have loads of free space on my hard drive. I bought RegCure and ran it, and I bought Driver Detective and updated all my drivers. I don’t know what else to do. Any suggestions?

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    Consider the following…

    A computer may run slowly if its hard drive(s) is almost full. Go into “My Computer”. Does any hard drive listed there have less than 5 GB of free space?

    If your hard drive(s) has lots of free space, go “My Computer” => right-click on a hard drive => “Properties” => “Tools” => “Error-checking” => “Check Now”. Then put checkmarks in both checkboxes and schedule an error-check for the next system restart. Restart your computer and allow the error-check to run.

    Once the error-check is done, use the following FREE maintenance programs:

    Finally, run a complete antivirus scan on the computer in question. What are the results?

    Do any of the above ideas help?


    Thank you, Robert- it did greatly help with surfing, but I still have the problem with slow-loading programs from the desktop. It still is sluggish to connect to the internet, but it seems once I am on the internet, my computer runs fine. My main concern is when I click on any of my desktop shortcuts for a game/internet site, etc., it takes forever! I read somewhere that a new graphics card may help- would it? I presently only have an integrated graphics on my motherboard.
    Thanks for any help you can suggest- I’m about ready to just go buy another computer!