Help I dropped my laptop!

by on November 20, 2008

Q: My laptop(HP dv6000) dropped from a chair onto carpet, it landed on the side with the DVD drive. The cover for the DVD drive came off. When I tried to open the drive, it makes two clicking sound and it won’t open. I tried to open it few times, but it just keep on making the sound and it won’t open unless I pull on the cover while it is clicking. I tried to put a DVD in it and it won’t recognize the DVD. It seems like it is not spinning at all. Is there anyway that I can fix this by myself?

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    There are many companies on the internet that sell replacement DVD drives for your laptop. Many of these companies provide the necessary instructions & tools that you will need in order to replace the DVD drive yourself.

    Please note that you may have purchased an optional protection plan with your computer. Some of these protection plans cover accidental damage.

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