What is the CPU for my Gateway?

by on November 20, 2008

Q: I have a gateway e-3400 the CPU is a intel pIII EB (933MHz). The socket is a 370 fc-pga. I’m dirt poor and I trashed picked this computer from a computer stores trash. What is the fastest cpu this thing will take? Thank You.

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    none of the related answers had anything to do with what i asked


    Sometimes related answers help and sometimes they do not. In this case you are asking a very specific question about a computer that is very old so the related answers will not be very helpful.

    In theory your computer will accept any Pentium III socket 370 but that does not mean it will run that to advertised speed of the processor.

    I found the manual for the computer at http://support.mpccorp.com/tech_support/CASES/3500704/8505957.pdf but it says to visit http://www.gatewayatwork.com to get upgrade information but the site does not load for me.

    If I visit http://www.gateway.com and do upgrade all I get is information about upgrading to Vista and buying a new computer. They do have an upgrade chat section but each time I try it I get a system down message.