Does RAM make a computer faster?

by on November 30, 2008

Q: I heard that RAM makes your PC faster and I heard that it does not so I want to know exactly what makes a PC faster, more RAM, faster Processor or what?

One Response to “Does RAM make a computer faster?”

    Like everything there are two sides to the RAM story.

    If your computer does not have enough RAM it will start to use the hard drive as virtual memory. Hard drives are considerably slower than RAM kind of like mopeds are considerably slower than motorcycles.

    So if your RAM is used up by programs and data and your system starts to use the hard drive as virtual memory then your computer is going to slow down. At that point adding more RAM will speed up your computer because with the more RAM it will be able to get at the data faster.

    Now if you never get to the point where your system uses all the RAM and starts to use virtual memory then no it will not speed up your computer.