How do I backup Microsoft Office 2007?

by on December 3, 2008

Q: I bought a computer from an individual. It has a valid copy of Microsoft Office 2007 but I do not have a disc. How do I back this up in the event I ever need to re-load Office on my computer?

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    To my knowledge, there is not a way to backup individual Windows-based programs — such as Microsoft Office 2007. But you do have a few options…

    Your computer may have sold with a system recovery utility, which restores your computer to factory settings. Some manufacturers put this utility on a disc, while others build it into each computer’s hard drive. Office 2007 may be included in your computer’s system recovery utility.

    Some versions of Microsoft Windows will allow you to create a backup of your entire system. This will backup your files, and should backup your programs as well.

    You may be able to request a new Microsoft Office 2007 installation disc from Microsoft, the manufacturer of your computer, and/or the person who sold the computer to you.

    Do any of these solutions work for you?