Why am I unable to print and scan from my HP All-In-One printer?

by on December 3, 2008

Q: I have DELL computer running Windows XP. I also have a HP ALL in one J5700 series printer that I just got last Christmas.

Since I got the printer, I had been able to print from programs on my computer, fax, and copy, but the scanner always said it had no connection. I recently have been trying to get the scanner to work, I really didn’t make many changes at all, and now I am unable to print anything. It says I have no connection, however, there are only 2 plugs – 1 from my printer to the wall and a USB from the printer to the computer, both are hooked up. I uninstalled and reinstalled the printer, it says its ready it is set as default, but when I try to print – even a test page, you see it happen on the computer and it never actually prints it just sits in the queue.

I’m in a hurry to figure this out cause I am doing my Christmas cards on it and time is of the essence. I had my step father who is a program analyst check it out and he sees no reason why it is not working and suggested replacing the USB cord.

One Response to “Why am I unable to print and scan from my HP All-In-One printer?”

    Look in the “File” menu in your printing queue. Is printing paused? Have you tried using your HP all-in-one with another computer?