How come my Toshiba laptop wont start?

by on December 6, 2008

Q: I have a Toshiba MX35-S329 laptop. Its about 5-6 years old. All of a sudden it quit. When you turn it on it starts humming for about 5 seconds and then nothing, no flashes on thescreen, no noise, however the blue light on the start key stays lit. Is this a major issue or is the motherboard dead? How do I trouble shoot it? Maybe I should just trash it and get a new one?

One Response to “How come my Toshiba laptop wont start?”

    When I first read your question my thinking was that it was the screen that had died.

    However you are saying it is making no noise so that makes me wonder if the volume was muted when you shut it off and that is why you cannot hear the windows start noise.

    When you turn it on do you feel the hard drive spinning up?