Should I use my cable companies wireless router or get my own?

by on December 6, 2008

Q: I am purchasing a laptop (Vista) for my husband as a christmas gift. We currently have Comcast internet in our home thru our pc (XP). I understand comcast offers home wireless internet thru a router. What are your recomendations regarding wireless? Do I purchase a router from a retailer or thru the internet company? Any idea what this might cost (roughly)? I’m trying to be an informed consumer while at the same time, keeping this a surprise!

One Response to “Should I use my cable companies wireless router or get my own?”

    If the computer you currently have is a desktop then you do not need to figure out if it has a wireless card in it or not because you can keep it wired no matter what way you go from here.

    The laptop you are buying should come with WiFi built in as I don’t even think you can find a laptop anymore without one.

    So those two things are the first things you need to usually figure out and you should be fine if what I said above is correct.

    The next step is how comfortable you feel setting up your own networking. You can buy a wireless router for between $50 to $100 but is it worth your time, effort, and sanity to try to set it up yourself. Obviously the geeks on this board setup their own networking but that does not mean it is correct for you.

    What I would do is give comcast a call. You might even already have a wireless router in your house and not even know it. If you give us the model number we could look it up for you and let you know, but Comcast will know for sure.

    With that said, the cost from Comcast varies from area to area so they would be the best to say how much it would be to add home networking to your monthly fee but normally it is only a few dollars a month if they even charge.

    I hope this is some what useful to you at least in terms of who you should call and ball park prices. If you need any help at all let us know and if you can figure out the model number on your router we would be happy to look into it.