How can I remove a virus that is stopping me from accessing security software?

by on December 9, 2008

Q: Something (virus or malware) has infected my computer and as as result I cannot access my internet security software website or download new virus definitions as well as any other security website to download a program that might fix my problem. I am also unable to use system restore, nothing happens when I click on the restore button after selecting a restore point. What are my options to resolve this problem.

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    Do you have recent backups of your important computer files? Also, does your security software report what kind of virus/malware has infected your system? Thanks…


    I do have my system backed up on an external HD. My current security software was recently purchased and after downloaded it to my computer and attempting to update latest virus definitions is when I realized I had a problem. It does not ID any problems but that is probably because it is outdated. I can’t get on their website or any other security software website.


    Hi Larry,

    You may have installed fake security software on your computer. There are hundreds of fake security programs being sold on the internet.

    Tell me the name of your security software, and I will investigate.



    First of all thanks for responding to my initial call for help. I was able to finally resolve my problem through my new IS vendor, BitDefender. They emailed a rescue CD site that I was able to download, burn and then use to boot my computer where it was able to update virus and malware definitions and then automatically scan my system where 12 malware files were identified. The software on the cd was able to delete them and my problems were solved. I do not know how or when I was hit using my old IS software, but I can’t say enough good things about BitDefender, they stuck with me through a number of emails trying to diagnose my problem until the fix.


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    I’m glad that the folks at BitDefender were so helpful. But keep in mind that removing security threats from a computer does not necessarily guarantee that the ill effects of those security threats will also be removed.

    For example, a virus may make changes to certain settings in your computer so that hackers can take control of your system via the internet. Security software may delete the files that caused these changes. But in many cases, the changed settings will remain on your computer even after the virus itself has been deleted.

    I advise you to reinstall your computer’s operating system as soon as possible. You can then restore your important computer files from backups.

    Let me know what you think about this…