How do I go about safely changing a noisy fan in my laptop?

by on December 9, 2008

Q: Please advise whether the following procedure will be OK.

I am about to replace a very noisy fan in my laptop. I have obtained the replacement fan and have the appropriate manufacturer’s (HP) service and repair manual. The manual seems to dictate a nearly complete dismantling of the computer to do this. To prevent static electricity problems (this will be done at home in a room with a carpeted floor), I intend to completely cover the table surface with aluminum foil, with a grounding wire connecting the foil to a grounded outlet. I will also wear a grounded wrist band at all times while I do the work. Any tool I bring to the table will be grounded before I use it.

The manual advises that all parts be placed in antistatic bags, but I have very few of these on hand, and hope they will be unnecessary. Instead, most of the parts will be placed upon the aluminum foil surface.

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    I have to admit that hearing “aluminum foil” and “carpet” in the same sentence as “taking a computer apart” worries me.

    I understand you will be connecting it, btw very interesting, to a grounding outlet but man oh man I would be kinda worried.

    I personally, might not be correct, would opt for a wooden desk and a tile floor. This way if you are connected to a ground the electricity that might be produced would go to your ground instead of though the aluminum foil that will be touching all the parts.

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    I agree with Matt. A wooden work surface & tile floor is best in most situations. If you don’t have access to a tile floor, you can place a piece of plywood on your floor and stand on the plywood while working.

    Unlike desktops, the insides of laptops are often very fragile. You may wish to consider paying a professional to install the new fan into your laptop. Make sure that this professional has a written policy regarding what happens if he/she accidentally breaks your laptop while installing the new fan.

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