I need a secure all-in-one computer

by on December 18, 2008

Q: Which all-in-one computer should I buy? I need a computer that is as secure as possible.

A: I agree with you; it is best to have an extremely secure computer. Operating systems such as Mac OS X and Linux are immune to most viruses, malware, etc.

A significant majority of technology experts agree that Apple’s Mac OS X operating system offers much better security than exists in Microsoft Windows. There are Mac versions of many popular programs, including Microsoft Office. Apple makes a good all-in-one computer called the iMac. There are rumors that Apple will be releasing a new version of the iMac sometime in January 2009.

Many geeks feel that a family of operating systems called Linux is the most secure. Ubuntu is an excellent version of Linux for beginners. Ubuntu is free-of-charge, and can be installed an most modern computers.

Tip: Regardless of which operating system you choose for you new computer, you should always use good antivirus software to scan files that you are downloading, sending, etc.

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