How to choose the correct RAM to upgrade your computer for Windows Vista

by on December 29, 2008

Q: Can I install a 256 MB stick of Samsung RAM into my HP d220 MT computer? I want extra RAM so that I can install Vista on this computer.

A: If there is an open slot for more RAM inside your computer, you might able to add to your computer 184-pin RAM that is either DDR PC2100 non-ECC RAM (slower) or DDR PC2700 non-ECC RAM (faster). My guess is that each RAM slot in your computer can support sticks of RAM that are as large as 1 GB. You may wish to consult your computers service reference card for more information.

Even with more RAM, your computer may not be powerful enough to use several of Vista’s coolest features. Many experts agree that the average lifespan of a desktop computer is less than 5 years. My research indicates that your computer may already be 5 years-old. If you must have Windows Vista now, I recommend that you replace your current computer with a computer that has Windows Vista pre-installed. View a detailed comparison of available Windows Vista editions.

Tip: Microsoft Windows 7, the successor to Windows Vista, may be released as early as 2009.

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