Turn off the new Windows search 4.0 area in your taskbar

by on December 31, 2008

Q: Recently, a search option has been opening on my desktop every time I startup my Windows XP computer. How do I stop this from happening and how did it start?

A: Microsoft recently provided an update to Windows XP called Windows Search 4.0. By default, this new search tool appears every time you log onto your computer.

According to my research, the easiest way to keep Windows Search 4.0 from turning on automatically in Windows XP is to right-click on the Taskbar (the bar at the bottom of your screen). From the list that appears, go into Toolbars and uncheck Windows Search Deskbar. Then, restart your computer.

If you wish to completely delete Windows Search 4.0 from your computer, it may be possible to remove the program from your computer by using the Add or Remove Programs feature in the Windows XP control panel. I believe that once you have removed Windows Search 4.0, you can prevent the program from reinstalling in the future by going Start Menu -> All Programs => Windows Update -> Custom -> Software, Optional -> single left-click on the plus sign that is next to Windows Search 4.0 -> and then single-left click on Hide this update. Lastly, close Windows Update and restart your computer.

Tip: Consider upgrading from Windows Update to Microsoft Update. Upgrading to the Microsoft Update service is free, and will allow your computer to automatically install updates to programs such as Microsoft Office. To install the Microsoft Update service on your Windows XP computer, go into Windows Update and single left-click on the Microsoft Update tab.

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