How come all versions of Windows Media Player do “not respond”?

by on January 1, 2009

Q: Can someone help me get my Windows Media Player working?

I have tried versions, 9, 10, and 11 and they all do the same thing. On my home build computer running Windows XP Home with SP2 all versions of WMP become unresponsive within 20 seconds of opening it. At the top after WMP it say’s (not responding). Then I have to close the program and do a End Task to get it off the screen. WMP just freezes and I can’t do anything with it except close it.

I’m trying to load songs on WMP so I can sync them to my Sandisk Sansa c250 player I just got but WMP won’t work long enough for me to do anything. I need to load my songs in WMP then sync them to my player, which I’m told I must use WMP to sync my songs. The Gold medal goes to the person who can help me get my WMP to stop responding.

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    Try this (requires cable/DSL internet connection):

    1. Uninstall Windows Media Player
    2. Download & Install CCleaner from
    3. Download & Install Defraggler from
    4. Run CCleaner and Defraggler.
    5. Restart your computer again.
    6. Use Windows Update to install Service Pack 3 for Windows XP, or download & install the service pack manually at
    7. Restart your computer again.
    8. Use Windows Update to install Windows Media Player 11, or download & install Windows Media Player manually from
    9. Run CCleaner and Defraggler again.
    10. Restart your computer, then run Windows Media Player.

    Did this help?


    When I attempt to Uninstall WMP 11, I’m told it will only be turned back to the previous version…..that would be version 10 in my case. I have about 100+ songs on WMP that I don”t want to lose. If I must uninstall all versions of WMP what do you suggest I do about keeping my songs? First things first. For some odd reason WMP 11 stayed “active” this evening when I tried to play a homemade video and was told “it could not be played in WMP because a compatible decoder is not installed on your computer”. So I just clicked OK to get out of it and my WMP stayed up and responsive for at least an hour or longer…..then when I started messing with it….it finally returned to it’s old ways. Any suggestions as to what I should do now?


    Hi burnselk,

    Your songs are probably located in your “My Music” folder. I recommend that you burn a copy of those songs to a CD-R. Then downgrade to Windows Media Player 10, and follow the instructions that I provided earlier.

    Please keep me informed regarding your progress.


    After doing everything you said in your first post, WMP 11 is working for now (I’m a pessimist) but it removed everything from my taskbar except the speaker AND I cannot connect to the internet. Help me please!


    A reboot took care of the internet connection problem and returned the icons to my taskbar.

    But WMP 11 does not play DVD’s. Is it supposed to? It
    gives me the same old “it could not be played in WMP because a compatible decoder is not installed on your computer” as in my reply to your post. What do you think now?

    I can watch videos in my VLC Media Player but not WMP 11… least right now.


    I have to take it all back, WMP 11 started acting the exact same way as it did when I first wrote this question. I’m now back to square one, WMP is still becoming unresponsive after about 30 seconds of opening it.