What type of card reader should I use with my Mac?

by on January 2, 2009

Q: I am contemplating buying a Garmin GPS. It comes with an sd card to download maps to. I use a mac and do not have any card slots on my computer. Do I need a separate card reader to download the maps to? I am using Tiger-OS 10.5. Any suggestions as to what type of card reader to buy?

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    Lets start off with the GPS first.

    I have a Garmin, my brother has a Garmin, one of my sisters has a Garmin, one of my nephews has a Garmin, my parents have a Garmin, and at least one of my cousins have a Garmin. So with that said I think the choice of a Garmin is a good one.

    I think there might be a little confusion though because I don’t think any of the newer Garmins actually use the SD card for maps. I think most of the newer ones use it for music, photos, etc but it is possible I am mistaken.

    My understanding was that to update the newer Garmins you, even with a mac, hook it up via USB, which I have done, and run the update software, which I have also done. So in short I don’t think you need the SD card reader to do the map thing but I could be mistaken depending on the Garmin you have so if you let us know we can look closer.

    Now for a card reader any card reader will do. You can usually find 12 in 1 ones for 15 dollars but also remember that if you have a digital camera that uses an SD card you can always transfer files to and from an SD card via your digital camera.


    On the Garmin Streetpilot C320, there is a basic map in the GPS. Since I don’t travel out of state, I only download the maps I need for the areas I go to. I have a card reader in my dock of my camera.I wasn’t sure if I could upload info via the dock. Thanks for your help.


      You are welcome. A lot of people don’t realize they can use their camera, when connected to their computer, to transfer files directly to their SD card or other card so I am glad you brought that up. Once your camera is connected to your computer (Mac or Windows) it should mount on the desktop and from there you can treat the camera as a hard drive.

      So if you run into any problems let us know!