How come Windows XP runs so slow after a reinstall?

by on January 4, 2009

Q: Within the last week I had Windows XP reinstalled professionally in my computer due to a nasty virus.

My computer is still running very slowly, has difficulty loading web pages and loading programs, takes forever to open email etc. For example, I ran Ad-Aware from Lavasoft and it took over 5 hours to scan 20,000 files.

There was a bit of difficulty before I had Windows reinstalled with the internet connection due to the router, but not with loading/downloading/uploading.

Windows XP, 1.5 GB RAM, 160Gb hard drive with 145Gb free space, 1.85Ghz AMD Sempron.

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    Make sure that you have Service Pack 3 for Windows XP installed on your computer. Then search for two programs in Google. One is called CCleaner, the other is called Defraggler. Install and run both of those programs.

    If your computer still runs slowly, hardware inside your computer may be failing. You can have a hardware professional examine your laptop, or you can run some tests yourself. If you choose to run tests yourself, start by testing your RAM and hard drive.

    To test your RAM, go to ( If you have Nero or any other program that’s capable of processing ISO flies, you should download the “Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip)” version of the program. Otherwise, try either the “Pre-Compiled EXE file for USB Key (Pure DOS)” or “Pre-Compiled package for Floppy (DOS – Win)” versions.

    To test your hard drive, download the latest version of GWSCAN from ( Follow the directions that come with this program. DO NOT use the Write Zeros option in the program; writing zeros will erase your hard drive.

    Let me know how these ideas work for you.