Someone removed a chip from inside my computer

by on January 5, 2009

Q: My sister recently pulled out a couple of little chips from my computer’s motherboard, and now my computer will not turn on. How can I get my system to function properly again without spending money?

A: There is a good chance that you can repair your computer without spending any money. If your sister removed RAM from your computer’s motherboard, you can reinsert them into the proper slots. Graphics cards, ethernet cards, sounds cards, USB cards, and similar hardware can all be easily reinserted into their respective too. The cables coming from CD-ROMs, hard drives, and similar devices can be reconnected rather easily. And even your motherboard’s battery can be reinserted. Definitions for all of the above terms can be found online, and each of the parts that I’ve mentioned use “idiot-proof” connectors.

If any other part of your motherboard was damaged, you will need to hire a computer hardware expert to repair your computer. Be aware that such repairs are often expensive yet not always successful. You may wish to consider selling your damaged hardware on a site like eBay, in order to fund the purchase of a replacement computer. Many geeks love to purchase damaged hardware, repair it, and sell it for a profit.

Tip: Some computers allow you to attach a specially designed lock to the case, preventing others from opening the case. It is also possible to close your computer case using special screws, which require specially designed tools to loosen.