Repair Windows XP without a Windows XP installation disc

by on January 7, 2009

Q: I’m using Windows XP Professional. Someone used a registry cleaner, which seems to have deleted some valuable XP files. When I go to User Accounts or attempt to click on Search, I get a blank screen. When I click on Help and Support, I get nothing. I do not have a Windows XP installation disc to reinstall from.

A: Since you don’t have a disc that will allow you to reinstall Windows XP, your options are limited. I do not recommend that you attempt to manually repair the Windows Registry, because even computer experts like me are often reluctant to manually edit the Registry. Instead, I suggest that you install & run a free program called CCleaner; registry repair is one of CCleaner’s many valuable features. Once you’ve run CCleaner, you may wish to install & run Defraggler and Recuva.

Tip: Some companies, such as Dell, will send a Windows XP installation disk to you upon request. Note that a Windows XP installation disc is different than a system recovery disc.

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