How can I save HD video and watch it on an HDTV in HD?

by on January 10, 2009

Q: I just bought a Cannon HG-10 HD camcorder and I am looking for the best way to watch recorded content in the optimap format. I saw the post about the difficulties of transferring HD data to DVDs, so now I am wondering how I might be able to retain the HD quality of the videos without keeping them on the flash drives for the camcorder.

If I transfer the videos from the flash card to my computer can I then move them back to the card or USB flash drive for viewing (with the camcorder hooked up to the TV via mini-HDMI cable)? Can I back up the videos from my computer in some data format on a writable DVD in case my computer crashes or I want to pass them on to family members? If I do burn to a DVD, can they view the content on their computers in HD quality?