How does upgrading a motherboards bios work?

by on January 10, 2009

Q: I have a question concerning flashing the bios on a motherboard. My motherboard is currently using the ‘stock’ bios that came with it, yet new issues have arisen that have compelled me to need to flash my bios.

When I go to Asus site to see the bios to download, there are 7 revisions that have come out, all in order. My question is, if i have version 1 for example (the stock one) and version 7 is the last one out, do I have to update version 1 to version 2 and then to version 3 until i get to version 7 (much like applying patch after patch in order to update a game, each previous patch needs to be applied before the following patch can be applied) or if i apply version 7 does it come with all of the fixes of the preceding 6 version fixes, like an update that fixes all of the previous updates rolled into 1?

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    Each bios revision listed on Asus’s website for download is a full copy of the bios. So you only need to download the most recent one.