How do I reset my Dell Dimension 4700 back to factory default settings?

by on January 13, 2009

Q: I would like to reset my Dell Dimension 4700 to factory defaults completely. I do not care about saving files, etc. What is the fastest way of doing so ? I have already try F11 keys it did not work. Any other suggestion?

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    It sounds like your computer either doesn’t have a built-in system recovery program, or the program is broken. Dell may have included a set of system recovery CDs with your computer, or they may have included a Windows installation disc. If you cannot find either of these, contact Dell and request replacement discs.

    Are you planning to sell this computer, give it away, etc? If so, you should use a program like GWSCAN to “write zeros” to your hard drive. Writing zeros does a better job of erasing your computer files than a normal system recovery. Writing zeros may destroy any built-in system recovery program that is on your computer. GWSCAN can be downloaded from:

    Does this help?


    Dear Robert ,
    I just finishing reading your e-mails – thank you so much for your attention and patience in helping me. You are right , I intend to give the computer away. I will download the program you suggested in order to have it cleaned up. I will keep you updated on the results as soon as I get all these done. It sounds like a challenge and I thrive on it . For now thank you very much once again


    Hi Eneas,

    Can I be of further assistance regarding your Dell Dimension 4700?