How can I add a wireless access point to my schools network?

by on January 19, 2009

Q: I am a teacher. At school we do not have a wireless network. I have a laptop and I would like to have wireless internet connected to a school internet plug. Any suggestions? I had brought in a wireless routes that was hooked to an internet cable coming from the wall but my tech told me I couldn’t because that messed up other computers in the school. Do I have alternatives that would not affect the rest of the computers?

One Response to “How can I add a wireless access point to my schools network?”

    I understand that your school does not have a wireless network, and your school’s technology tech won’t let you connect a wireless router to the ethernet port in your classroom.

    Your first option is to convince your school’s technology tech to install wireless internet in your school. It may help if you offer to “donate” your wireless router to that effort.

    You second option is to buy special hardware for your computer and then subscribe to internet through your cellphone company. If your cellphone works in your classroom, internet from your cellphone provider will probably work too. The problem with this method is that you will need to consult with your school’s technology tech to make sure that you have access to your email, grade book, etc.

    Does this help?