Reloading programs without an installation disc

by on January 19, 2009

Q: I bought a used computer that has a valid copy of Microsoft Office 2007 installed. Unfortunately, I do not have a Microsoft Office 2007 installation disc. So I need to learn how to backup Office 2007, in case I ever need to reload it on my computer?

A: Although there is not a way to backup individual Windows-based programs, such as Microsoft Office 2007, you do have a couple of options.

Your computer may have sold from the manufacturer with a system recovery utility, which restores your computer to factory settings. Some manufacturers put this utility on a disc, while others build it into each computer’s hard drive. Office 2007 may be included in your computer’s system recovery utility.

Some versions of Microsoft Windows will allow you to create a backup of your entire system. This will backup your files, and should backup all of your programs as well. Some versions of Windows Vista come with Microsoft’s Windows Backup and Restore Center. If your computer is running Windows XP or a version a Vista without the Backup and Restore Center, you can read about more options here.

Tip: You may be able to request a new Microsoft Office 2007 installation disc from Microsoft, the manufacturer of your computer, and/or the person who sold the computer to you. You have similar options if you want to obtain system restore discs for your computer.

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    If you are sure that your copy of MS Office 07 is legit, you can re-download it from The Pirate Bay, ( legally as your software key is legit.

    If you don’t have your software key, you can always download a licence key sniffer from The Pirate Bay aswell



    Although I thank you for your post, I strongly disagree with you!

    What you suggest in your first paragraph is very dangerous, because software on torrents, P2Ps, etc often contains viruses and/or other security threats. There are many documented cases of this.

    The idea in your second paragraph is both dangerous and illegal. First, the key sniffer could contain a virus and/or other security threat. Second, key sniffing is clearly prohibited by Microsoft Office 2007’s EULA.

    In my opinion, it is best to reinstall Office 2007 using one of the legal methods mentioned in my answer. The next best solution is to replace Office 2007 with a free office suite, such as: