How come I cannot get a free antivirus program to install?

by on January 20, 2009

Q: Why can’t I install an free antivirus program on my computer? It downloads and verifies but when it tries to install it just kicks AOL off.

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    WARNING! Many free antivirus programs are fake. These fake programs can actually infect your computer with viruses, malware, and more.

    What antivirus program are you trying to install? The only free antivirus programs feel comfortable recommending are AVG and Avast.


    I’m trying to install Avast And/Or AVG


    Hi teal310,

    Delete the installers that you’ve been trying to run. Then use one of the links from my previous post to re-download the installer of your choice (I prefer Avast). Install the antivirus program; it’s fine if the installer turns off AOL. Then restart your computer. You should now be able to go on AOL again.

    Let me know how this works for you!

    PS: In many parts of the USA, Cable/DSL internet is now less expensive that AOL dialup.


    Hi Robert -thks. for the come back. I’m new to this and old –lol –I’m a retired long distance trucker [48 yrs.] so i’m not up to too much formal gargon and need things in simple english–could you explain what you mean? How do I find out if an anti-virus is already on this puter ? Thks again Ken.


    Hi Ken,

    An installer is a program that puts software on your computer. A link is an internet address that you can click on, such as the link. Downloading an installer means that you click on a series of links to bring an installation program from the internet to your computer. You can re-download an installer from the internet if you think that the original download contains an error. To prevent confusion, it’s a good idea to drag the original installer to your computer’s “Recycle Bin” before doing a re-download. Restarting your computer means that your computer turns itself off, and then immediately back on again. You should restart after installing a new program on your computer.

    I understand that you need to know if you already have an antivirus program installed on your computer. In Windows, discover what antivirus software (if any) is already on your computer by going into the “Start Menu”. Then choose “All Programs”. This will show you a list of the main programs that are installed on your computer. You may wish to read the list of known antivirus programs at:

    Don’t feel bad if this computer stuff is still confusing to you. I’m sure that trucking would confuse the heck out of me! In addition to continuing our conversation on this issue, you may wish to consult with a skilled computer user in your area. If you don’t want to pay a computer professional big bucks, you can always hire a high school student or the like to give you some relatively inexpensive computer lessons. What do you think?

    I look forward to your next reply!


    Hi Robert-I finally have AVG on here- -I downloaded it to MY DESK TOP —went off aol –and installed it from my desk top =it worked –Thank you much for your help. Ken.


    Robert-I have another ? on here perhaps you could answer-How would I find out if I have a COMPLETE BACK-UP of my windows XP –and can I re-download them to replace files that have gone missing ?? Then if I can re-download them How do I go about it ? Thks. again Ken.



    I’m glad that you were able to successfully install AVG.

    What kind of files have you lost? Did you delete them, or are they just missing? If they are just missing, you can search for them using the search tool that is built into the Start Menu in Windows XP.

    Although it is possible to tell Windows XP to automatically backup your important files, this feature is turned off until setup by you. Based on your question, I assume that you have not configured Windows XP’s automatic backup feature.

    I recommend that from now on, you use CD-Rs or similar technology to regularly create backups of your important files.