I am having network and computer problems but cannot figure out if they are related

by on January 20, 2009

Q: I am having several computer issues and I wonder if they are connected and if so how?

I have 1 Gateway desktop computer and 2 Toshiba laptops all running Windows Vista with Windstream DSL and a Netgear Router.

Week 1 – Laptop 1

  • Online suddenly goes dead, Will power up, but screen remains black. Shop replaces mother board and hard drive.

Week 2 Laptop 2

  • Online suddenly goes dead .Power light comes on for 2 seconds and dies.
  • Geek Squad has it now, they suspect it is a power issue.

Week 3 –

  • laptop 1 online, disconnects internet lost, laptop OK, Thank Goodness.
  • However, desktop turns itself off. No one in office to witness this.

I reconnect all power cords to desktop and get it to turn back on, but there is no internet. I had recently updated to a faster dsl service, but had not installed the new modem yet. It arrived 2 days ago in the mail. So I went ahead and hooked it up, but still no internet. I spent 8 hours on the phone with 6 techs between Windstream and Netgear. Windstream finally has me uninstall and reinstall internet software. Desktop is back online without router, Netgear says unit is faulty because they can’t figure out the problem.

I keep looking on my own and realize the cords are attached wrong, I got wireless working. I am scarred that there is still a problem, can you give me any advise? Can you tell if these are all connected?