How come my C drive is filling up when I keep everything on my D drive?

by on January 23, 2009

Q: I have a Sony PCV-RZ22G desktop with an Intel Pentium 4 and 512 MB RAM. I am running Windows XP Service pack 2. I had a window failure and reinstalled windows and my recovery disks for the system and applications. When I did this my D drive kept all files etc. I am slowly adding software and I have run out of room on my C drive. I don’t understand how since I thought I would be starting like new. I just don’t understand how D drive has room and C drive is full when more seems to be on D drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Have you tried checking your temp folder? C:\WINDOWS\temp
    Try deleting all the files in that folder. If that didn’t work, get “Auslogics BoostSpeed”. Its an excellent software, that has a utility that wipes the disk clean, so it makes sure that the files you have removed earlier, cannot be undeleted. I freed about 5gb on my drive with that one. There are alot more of those nifty little tools in Auslogics BoostSpeed, and its all in one package. Check it out :). Hope i helped.


    Thanks for your reply. I had done disk cleanup and all the normal things. I decided to invest in a portable hard drive to transfer files over. I have taken all the D files off that I could. I was able to transfer some C files also. I was able to free up enough room so I could install some things. Heck, I couldn’t even do a disk refrag because I didn’t have enough free space. I will take a look at BoostSpeed program you mentioned. Thanks again for helping.


      That’s weird.. Hope it works out for you :).


    Download CCleaner (Google for it), it removes any temp files stored on the HDD and cleans out any unused registry keys from the registry tree.