How come my CD burner keeps asking me for a blank CD when there is a blank CD in it already?

by on January 26, 2009

Q: My CD burner is not working. When I try to burn a CD it goes thru the motion but when it is time to actually burn the music, it asks me for a blank CD which is already in my computer. What do I need to do? My system is a Dell with Windows XP. I had a computer virus once before and it was taken care of but now my cd does not work.

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    A few things for you to try:

    1) Try a fresh blank CD-R that you’ve never put in the PC before.
    2) Try some different brands of CD-R disks
    3) Try another burner program. CDBurnerXP is free and works very well:
    4) If you’re still having problems, you can try using a CD/DVD lens cleaner disk. They should run you about $10 at your local Walmart/Target/etc.


    Mark makes some good suggestions. However, I recommend that you remove all discs from your CD/DVD drives, then install Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. You can install that using Windows Update, or you can manually download the installer from:

    If your CD burner doesn’t function even after installing Service Pack 3, try the following (internet connection required):

    1. Start Menu => right-click on My Computer => Properties => Hardware => Device Manager.
    2.Left-click on the plus sign by “DVD/CD-ROM drives, then right-click on each device in that category and uninstall.
    3. Uninstall all devices that have question marks with exclamation marks on them. These often appear in a category called “Other devices”.
    4. Restart your computer. If you use dial-up internet, connect to the internet now.
    5. As I recall, Windows XP will automatically launch a New Hardware Wizard for each of the devices that you uninstalled earlier. In the wizard, choose the option which allows your computer to search online at Windows Update for the latest drivers.
    6. Once all of your devices have reinstalled, restart your computer again.
    7. Enjoy!

    Do either of these ideas help?