How do I go about getting a replacement remote for my DVD player?

by on January 26, 2009

Q: My DVD remote control is lost and I would like to replace it. If I buy a remote that was used on the same model of my DVD player will it work on mine?

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    Yes, this remote should work just fine. You can also just buy almost any universal remote control.


    Mark’s answer is correct for about 99% of DVD players, but some are not compatible with universal remotes. Please provide the brand and model number of your DVD player, so that I can confirm compatibility for you. Thanks!


    thanks guys! its a durabrand dvd-1002. Also would a run of the mill universal remote for like a tv work? im a little confused.


    My best guess is that your Durabrand DVD-1002 is actually the same as the Lenoxx DVD-1002. According to my research, Lenoxx is no longer in business (Don’t confuse Lenoxx, a defunct consumer products company with Linux, a thriving family of computer software). It may be difficult to obtain a replacement remote; the phone numbers in your owner’s manual may be invalid. Read for more information.

    A universal remote is probably your best option. Whichever universal remote you choose should mention support for DVD players on the packaging, and needs to have at least the following common DVD buttons: arrow keys, an enter key, play/pause, stop, fast forward, rewind, next chapter, previous chapter, and a setup key.

    Find some universal remotes that have the features mentioned above. The go online, and find the list of remote codes for each universal remote you are considering. Don’t even think about buying a universal remote unless it lists codes supporting Durabrand/Lenoxx DVD players.

    PS: You may wish to purchase “name brand” products from now on. Durabrand and other “off brand” products may save money in the short term, but are often more expensive and time consuming over time.

    Does this info help?


    I agree with Robet’s advice. Also given such an iffy situation on finding a compatible remote, make sure anything you do buy has a good return policy so that if it doesn’t work you aren’t stuck with a $20 paperweight.


    wow thats alot of great info, thanks alot. Ive been looking but not seeing many controls that will work with durabrand. I think it might be cheaper to buy another durabrand dvd 1002 for like 20 bucks so i can take that remote, is that a good choice?


    In my opinion, buying a entire Durabrand DVD 1002 just to get a replacement remote should be a last resort.

    Try calling the phone numbers in your owners manual. If that doesn’t work, I recommend searching for a replacement remote. For example:


    i think i found one…|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318|301:1|293:1|294:50

    it looks very similar to mine not sure though the model number for the player is
    thanks for all the help


    I recommend contacting the seller before you buy, to make sure that the remote will work with the Durabrand DVD 1002. Otherwise, you might be purchasing a US$10 paperweight. Good luck!