How do I setup a computer running Windows ME on a wireless network?

by on January 27, 2009

Q: How do I setup a computer running Windows ME to a wireless network?

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    Although it is possible to configure Windows Me to join a wireless network, it is not advised. Microsoft has not issued any updates for Windows Me since 2006, which means that it is vulnerable to all of the viruses and other security problems that have appeared in recent years. Furthermore, today’s reputable antivirus/firewall software will only run on Windows XP and above.

    Since Windows Me was only available for a short time, I feel comfortable guessing that your computer is about 8 years old. In my experience, the average life expectancy of a desktop computer is 5-6 years, and laptops significantly less. I strongly recommend that you consider purchasing a new computer.

    If you cannot afford a new computer right now, you can upgrade your machine to Windows XP for about $99. Or, you might be able to install a free operating system called Linux Xubuntu — which is specifically designed to run on older computers.

    In my professional opinion, putting your Windows Me computer on a network simply isn’t worth risking ID theft and other security issues.

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    Thanks for the info. I gave up on that computer and I am going to try and setup a computer running windows 2000 that is now working. Thank you very much.


    Hi jjakel54,

    I applaud your decision to forget about Windows Me. But be aware, “All Windows 2000 support including security updates and security-related hotfixes will be terminated on 13 July 2010” (from Wikipedia). So don’t count on Windows 2000 as a long-term solution. Good luck!