Why a computer won’t read some CD-R discs

by on January 29, 2009

Q: Why won’t my Toshiba Qosmio F10 read a Magnavox CD-R? My computer is about four years old.

A: There are several possible reasons why your computer won’t read the Magnavox CD-R:

Scratches or pits on the Magnavox CD-R could easily prevent your computer’s CD-ROM drive from reading the disc. A newer CD-ROM drive might do a better job of reading the damaged disc. Or, you can use a resurfacing kit to repair the damage. Inexpensive resurfacing kits are available at office supply stores, electronic stores, etc.

When your computer was manufactured, it was very common for each CD-ROM drive to work only with certain CD-R brands. For example, one computer might have problems with Magnavox CD-Rs while another person’s computer might have problems with CD-R manufactured by TDK. I advise you to test your Magnavox CD-R in a different computer.

The Magnavox CD-R itself may be old. Older CD-Rs were often poorly designed & manufactured, and even the material used to manufacture today’s CD-Rs deteriorates over time. It is also possible that an error occurred while recording data to your Magnavox CD-R. Try burning the same information to a new CD-R.

Normal “wear and tear” can cause CD-ROMs and other computer hardware to fail. If other CDs will not work in your computer, it may be time to buy a new CD-ROM drive — or even a new computer. Be sure to recycle all of your old electronics.

Tip: Recordable DVDs can store a lot more data than recordable CDs. My research suggests that your computer can record data to some DVDs. Consult your owner’s manual for more details.

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    this does not help my DVD or CD entered in the Drive are clean and brand new.