Is there any software or company that does VOIP voice blasts or call blasts?

by on January 30, 2009

Q: Does anyone know of a voip service that provides a “voice blast” or “call blast” service. This is where you send a recorded phone message to multiple recipients. I know it sounds horrible like spamming and some may not approve – however I want to reach a clearly defined sector with a FREE offer that will be extremely useful and beneficial for them.

Vonage was offering a thing called “call blast” but this was in alpha and they seem to have withdrawn it now. I am in the UK and have been fruitlessly trying to get through to their “contact center” for the past two weeks. It seems like now they have withdrawn it. Does anyone know of a voip provider who provides such a service in the UK? Or is there any software I can install on my PC that would do a similar thing?

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    Vonage call blast seems to still be available with their contact service: You might want to contact them for more information if you don’t already have an account with them. From their website it looks like they limit this call blast service to 20 contacts.

    I am not a lawyer, but you’ll also need to contend with the UK’s do not call registry: to keep yourself from getting fined thousands of Pounds.

    Laws like these are the reasons you’re not going to see any easy way to do this kind of thing yourself. You’re better off getting in touch with a UK telemarketing provider, or going with a different method of marketing that people don’t hate so much.


    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for that. When I log in to the page I always get this error message: “Contact Center is currently unavailable”. I called vonage support and got through to someone in Ontario. He tried the Canada version of that page and got through, likewise with the US version. He was able to replicate my error by going to the UK version of the page. He told me that he spoken to an engineer and to wait 48 hours by which time it should have been fixed. Well I’ve waited and still no joy!

    I had forgotten about the “do not call registry”. Thanks for the tip. I’ll make sure I don’t phone anyone on it.

    Re: going with a telemarketing provideer – I am just a micro business so will not be able to afford that. I can make as many calls as I like on vonage without charge. I just feel like there must be a way of doing this from my pc. It is just so cost and time effective. I personally have received a few calls like this recently. I listened right through because I had an interest in the technique. Aprt from that I personally would not have been antagonised by the calls because I had the option to simply put the phone down. Maybe if I was getting 20 calls a day it would be a different story – and I guess at some stage in the near future this may well happen.

    Cheers Chris