What can I do about getting POP3 access to my email when my email provider only supports webmail?

by on February 4, 2009

Q: I currently have a basic webmail (HTML) account with Netfirms who is the domain provider for my business domain. I have my site hosted with another company. When I inquired about upgrading my email only, with out upgrade to a hosting plan, this was the responce I got from Netfirms,

“With the basic Domain Management account only, the only email option available is webmail, we do not offer a la carte email addresses that can be added onto this account. The only option would be to upgrade to one of our paid hosting plans. ”

As I do not want their hosting plan, (I have a better one), what I would like to do is somehow have access to send and receive though a mail client such as Outlook 2007. Being that the Netfirms mail account is not a pop3, nor any other type that can work with a email client directly, is there software, or a method that can bridge the webmail and Outlook?

I have found some indication in my research that there are methods, some are limited, some promise to be all inclusive, all are very confusing! Some are called conversion programs, where html is routed through a proxy or software that “figures out” the webmail client, and has it behave as a POP3, to allow to work with the likes of Outlook. That is as far as I got, as many are not very clear, nor in plain language, often some require scripting, and mostly these type of methods assume the user is already savvy with such things, so it is like reading hieroglyphics to me! That is all assuming I am researching the right things!

Has anyone heard of such a thing, or am I dreaming of something that can’t be done today/with existing technology?

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    My first question is going to be, why don’t you have your web host be your email host as well?

    If that is not possible you could always look into google apps and use gmail. You can use gmail with your own domain and it supports up to 50 users in the current free version and it also supports POP3 and IMAP. I personally have issues with IMAP at least a few times a week with them but most people I know have no issues at all so it might be an alternative if your web host cannot be your email host.


      My web host does not offer email. My domain host does, and my domain name is directed to my current host, who is the best for my business– email aside.
      NetFirms is the domain registrar and SmugMug is the host (www.robartphotography.ca)
      How do you mean that I can use Gmail with my own domain? As far as I see, Google requires retrieval and sending of email to be based on a pop mail account, like all others.
      I could find no other method through Google email other then a $50.00 /year account through Google, and it is unclear that will be the solution.


    Thanks for the suggestions and help! Unfortunately that will not suffice. All my marketing is printed with my current email, and I would not the long line address with the Google brand in it.
    I may have to look for another domain provider that offers “.ca” and a pop3 email, when the subscription year is up.


      You can use gmail with your own domain. The link I gave you asks for your domain, your information, and then explains how to change your domain information so that google can process your email.

      By doing this you can send and receive email from and to user@robartphotography.ca with gmail and the emails will say nothing about gmail on them, in them, or in the domain.

      I highly suggest you spend some time reading about google apps.


        Ah, sorry about that, I some how did not understand your clear directions! :/
        Looks like this will work. Now that I have gone through the process, I need to wait 48hrs to further setup.
        Thank you again Matt!