How come my videos seem to randomly fast forward for half a second?

by on February 5, 2009

Q: My video playback has these momentary speed bursts where it seems as if the video is being fast forwarded for about a half second. It doesn’t seem to effect the audio sync at all it just speeds up and goes back to normal. This will happen maybe 10 or 15 times while I’m watching a movie. This seems to only happen with videos that I have downloaded from Utorrent. When I watch youtube videos the playback is unaffected. Also all the videos I have downloaded so far have been .avi format, I have downloaded all the most recent drivers and downloaded a fix for all codec package but nothing seems to fix the problem.

One Response to “How come my videos seem to randomly fast forward for half a second?”

    Try bringing up the Windows Task Manager’s performance tab and keep an eye on the CPU Usage bar. See if you’re hitting 100% during playback. Additionally try closing down any other programs you have running in the background and see if that makes a difference. If you’re still having trouble try a harddrive defrag if you haven’t done one recently. Last but not least you can also try VLC Media player: VLC has it’s own codec set self-contained so you can see if that’s your issue.

    Let us know if any of this helps or if you need any additional instructions.