How come I cannot get my new Memorex DVD drive to install in my computer?

by on February 6, 2009

Q: I installed a new DVD drive and it is failing to completely install. It is asking for a disc containing FTDI FTD2XX drivers. I am told by tech support at Memorex that no disc exists nor are any drivers needed. How do I get the hardware to install completely? It is usable, but I received message upon startup that hardware is not installed correctly.

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    FTDI FTD2XX drivers would be for a USB Controller or adapter cable. How is this DVD drive connected to your PC?


    The old DVD unit was removed from the PC. The new Memorex jumpers were set the same of the old unit. It was slid into the bay, the IDE ribbon cable connected, and power supply plugged in. All screws were replaced and case put back together. When PC was started, new hardware was found. Window then appeared with message to place disc containing FDTI FDT2xx. Since no disc was supplied except the Nero 7 software, cancel was selected. Notice appeared that hardware may not work properly. This same sequence of events/messages appear each time PC is started. I have gone to device manager, uninstalled the hardware and let Windows reinstall. I still get window asking for a disc to containing FTDI FTD2xx. The drive works properly, so far, but Windows still considers the hardware not fully installed properly. Thanks for your resolve.


    It’s probably referring to different hardware than the DVD drive. Here are drivers for the FTDI FTD2XX chips:


    The hardware message referenced a read/write box which I took to mean the Memorex DVD read/write, which was the only new hardware installed. I have a read/write box connected by USB, Ultimate Box, used for an embroidery machine. When installing the DVD, there may have been an IRQ conflict and the Ultimate Box required reinstalling. When I installed using the supplied disc, containing the FDTI driver and restarted the PC, the new hardware notice was satisfied.