Windows Essencials (sic) Media Codecs Update Service on Startup With Spelling Mistakes

by on February 8, 2009

Q: A couple of weeks ago, I had something odd pop up on my screen at re-start. A dialog box that reads: “Windows Essencials (sic) Media Codecs Update Service” then proceeds to list a laundry list of codecs with misspellings such as “AVI Splitrer”. When “X” off the box, it pops up “Are you sure?” Have I got something nasty that is going to get nastier if someone inadvertently clicks to install when I don’t happen to be in front of it (read: wife, child)?

A: It looks like someone downloaded and installed Windows Essentials Codec Pack on your computer.

Some of the spelling errors you are seeing are from the Spanish version of the pack. You can either update to a newer version of this software from the author’s website or remove it through Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs.

I’d suggest taking a look at the What Anti Spyware Applications Should I Use answer to get some ideas about how to protect your computer from spyware.

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