Should I worry about getting a virus when downloading themes for my computer?

by on February 9, 2009

Q: I want to install a new theme on my computer. I would like to install the appearance them and am wondering if any I should worry about a virus that might destroy my computer when I download themes.

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    Hackers have created many fake websites in an attempt to infect your computer, but they have also made a huge effort to infect items on legitimate websites. So security threats are a concern whenever you download ANYTHING from the internet. They are even a concern while you are doing something simple, like checking your email. Here are some tips to help you:

    1. Using a search engine such as Google, investigate each item that you want to add to your computer. I often add terms such as scam or fake to my searches. For example, let’s say that I found an article which recommends that I install a program called XYZ. To investigate, I could enter the term xyz fake into Google.

    2. Make sure that you have strong security software installed on your computer, such as Kaspersky Internet Security 2009. What security software is currently installed on your computer, and which version of Microsoft Windows are you using?

    3. Even when using respected security software that automatically scans your computer at all times, it’s often a good idea to manually scan items which you’ve downloaded from the internet. When in doubt, scan!

    4. Many items that you are trying to download/install may ask you to disable your security software; even reputable programs request this. DO NOT disable your security software, as this will open your computer to all sorts of viruses, malware, etc.

    5. Perform regular full security scans of your entire computer, especially after installing a new item from the internet.

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      well i used to have AVG but now i dont have anyfhing cause avg turned out to hae a virus and i dont no what is the best virus protection is out there i have registry easy is that good?


    Hi eieima,

    I recommend Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 to protect your computer. Instead of buying it from the Kaspersky website, you’ll find much better prices at your local office supply and computer stores,, etc. I DO NOT recommend Norton.

    If Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 is too expensive for you, I recommend the free version of Avast Antivirus and the free version of ZoneAlarm Firewall.

    You need to know that Registry Easy and other registry utilities DO NOT substitute for security software! At minimum, you need good antivirus/anti-malware software on your computer and Windows XP/Vista’s built-in firewall should be turned on.

    I’ve never tried Registry Easy, but the users of a very reputable software search website called CNET have given a high rating to Registry Easy. Personally, I feel that a free program called CCleaner meets the registry-related needs of most users. (CNET)

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