Is right now the right time to get a high definition camcorder?

by on February 12, 2009

Q: I want to purchase a Canon HF10 high def camcorder. I understand that I have to have a blu-ray player to view an edited video in high def. But what do I need in order to burn a high def video? Is there an external blu-ray burner on the market yet? Should I wait 6 mo to a year before making this investment? I am a novice with video and am having trouble finding answers to my questions.

One Response to “Is right now the right time to get a high definition camcorder?”

    Unless you have a pressing need to replace your current camcorder, I would wait a year or more before purchasing an HD camcorder. I speak from personal experience. I purchased a 720p television less than a year before a similar 1080p television came out for less money; now I wish I had waited.

    There will probably be more 1080p camcorders on the market a year or more from now. Indeed, my research indicates that the Canon HF10 is only 1080i. And of course, the longer you wait the more HD camcorder prices will fall. Similarly, waiting a year or more will allow you to purchase better HD editing software for less money.

    Lastly, some major companies have yet to fully accept Blu-ray and other HD technologies. Perhaps most significant among these companies is Apple, whose Mac computers do not currently support Blu-ray video.

    So despite the fact that there are several external Blu-ray burners available, I recommend that you wait awhile longer before purchasing an HD camcorder.